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My 2021 Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, friends!

You asked, so here it is. My 2021 gift guide for all things health and wellness. Each item in this guide is either a product that I have used or heard rave reviews about – either way, I’m a junkie when it comes to wellness so always on the lookout for hacks to support my health and wellbeing.

I have put the items in price categories to make it easier if you’re on a budget, so whether you’re looking for something for a loved one or you just want to treat yourself, enjoy!

(click on brand names for links to websites)

Under £50

Essential oils – Are you surprised to see oils on the list? I LOVE essential oils and the difference they make to my mood and overall wellbeing is pretty amazing. They are also my go-to first-aid for aches, pains, cuts, burns as well as coughs and colds! Honestly, essential oils are such a wonderful gift from Mother Nature. You can diffuse them or use topically on the skin with a carrier oil – either work just as well. When buying essential oils, always use a good quality brand otherwise there’s a risk you’re inhaling/absorbing toxic and synthetic substances.

Brands I love are (in no particular order);

Tisserand, Young Living, Doterra, Plant Therapy, Neal’s Yard, Neom Organics

Look out for roll-on blends from these brands as they tend to last longer and provide instant stress-relief at your desk, in the car, on-the-go in handbag.

Don’t know which scent to go for?

Lavender: Good for EVERYTHING – stress, sleep, burns, anxiety – you cannot go wrong with Lavender

Peppermint: Headaches and digestive discomfort

Lemon or Orange: Mood boosting benefits

Rosemary: Brain boosting, memory, cognition

Oil diffuser – If you buy the oils, you need a diffuser. This is a great alternative to scented candles without the worry of remembering to put it out.

There are literally hundreds of diffusers on Amazon so no link here but look for settings such as auto switch-off/timer settings and lights that can be turned off as they can get annoying. You get what you pay for but you should be able to get a half decent diffuser under £50.

Chai mix – Ok if you know me, you know I love tea. Especially herbal teas as caffeine isn’t my friend. So I do struggle to find a good Chai blend that doesn’t contain black tea (unless it’s homemade), but this is absolutely delicious from Chai by Mira – tastes so authentic with no nasty ingredients. Perfect for travelling with, this blend is a real winner and very reasonably priced.

For my US friends, one of my favourite Chai blends was from Bear Earth Herbals. It’s so grounding and has the added benefit of the Chaga (medicinal) mushroom, grown in Northern Michigan, and known for its incredible healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reusable Make-up Cleansing Pads – these make a great gift or stocking filler and great for the planet too. Cotton pads can be covered in toxic pesticides, bleach and other substances you really don’t want your skin to be coming into contact with. I love this brand with its organic bamboo cotton. SO soft to touch and you can chuck in the washing machine – with 18 in a pack that’s a lot of money saved and waste NOT going to landfill.

Amaura London Candles – no nasty chemicals and made with essential oils. First of all, if you love candles like me, you’ve probably tried a few and know that quality is key and you get what you pay for. Amaura is definitely a luxury brand, but don’t be put off by the cost, they are worth every penny. Gorgeous fragrances and voted best luxury candles by Marie Curie, you really can’t go wrong with this candle as a gift. Plus, the copper/rose gold/silver vessels not only amazing quality, they can also be re-used and upcycled – serious WIN WIN! I’ve put Amaura in this price bracket as there is currently a sale on and you can try the two minis for £39 – grab while stocks last!

(For international friends, I have spoken to the owner and she’s is working on international shipping so check the website for more details).

Jibee Tongue scraper – sounds gross I know but do you know the ayurvedic benefits of using one? I’ve had one since I was growing up and it has always been part of my dental routine. My parents would order a dozen or so from family in India and we would all have a difference nail polish at the end to identify who it belonged to. Well, in my world, this nostalgic wellness habit just got a MAJOR upgrade. The JiBee is affordable, stylish and has a stunning silicone grip handle that comes in different colours – I love it. A great stocking filler that also fights gum disease and reduces bad breath.

Under £100

Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock – if you’re not a morning person, this is a GAMECHANGER! I’ve had mine for almost three years now and it has totally changed my mornings and how I begin my day. First of all, there’s no loud irritating alarm to jolt you out of deep sleep. Instead, it slowly starts to light up in the 20-30mins before your wake up time. And then you have the option add in ‘natural sounds’ at your designated time. The light is a natural glow and resembles waking to sunrise – can you tell I love it? I also love that it allows me to turn off my phone at night and not worry EMFs while I’m sleeping.

Grab this quickly if you’re interested as I think the price is usually much higher.

Rebounder/Mini trampoline – OK so the benefits of a rebounder are endless. Besides it being a FUN way to exercise, rebounders are incredible for your lymphatic system to get toxins out of the body (get things moving in the poop department, if you know what I mean) and not to mention the incredible brain benefits. PLUS, according to research by NASA, 10 minutes on the rebounder is equivalent of a 30 minute run – it’s literally a no brainer.

I couldn’t find my brand here but the prices do vary depending on whether you want a bar for support or not. I don’t have one and just take it easy if the workout is too challenging. (Literally thousands of videos on YouTube).

Bluelight blocking glasses – If you look at screens in the evening or late at night, then this is a must-have. So basically, we all need one! These glasses block your eyes from the harmful blue light that sends signals to your brain that it’s daylight and therefore stops melatonin (your sleep hormone) production. We all know how we feel when we haven’t slept well, right?

There are so many styles to choose from and let’s face it, technology is here to stay so we’re gonna need all the help we can get.

Other brands I like include are LadyBoss or Baxter Blue

Clean beauty brands – I have been a beauty product junkie for as long as I can remember. In recent years, I have been conscious about the products I put on my skin and make sure they are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Here are some clean brands I love and what I use:

Beautycounter – Lovely make up and skincare range

Arbonne – I use their foundation which matches my skin tone beautifully. Their make up is also lovely and worth the extra spend

Sukin – Shower gel, hand wash and body lotions are great and very affordable

Ren Skincare – Skincare is amazing. I use the serum and day and night cream

SairaSkin – Nourishing face oil an absolute winner

Burt’s Bees – I buy this brand for my daughters, they love the lip balms

Dr Paw Paw – Another firm favourite for lip balms

Pacifica – I wish this brand was available in the UK. Every single product I have tried has been a winner from natural perfume to eyeshadow palettes. Great for teenagers too!

Function of Beauty – the first ever clean beauty brand that is totally customizable to your skin needs. This is the ULTIMATE gift for a beauty product lover!

Under £200

Bamboo bedsheets from Lune Living – I recently bought some new sheets and thought I would see what all the fuss was about with bamboo bedding. One word. WOW.

There. Is. No. Going. Back.

Incredibly soft to touch, almost like silk, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and sustainable. These sheets ticked a lot of boxes and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Also, I was impressed with the price, as it wasn’t much more than a good quality cotton bedding set that I would normally go for.

Another great brand is Cozy Earth, based in the US and also one of Oprah’s favourite brands! This brand also offers clothing and other bamboo items. You won’t regret this purchase from either brands!

Oura ring – This is slightly over the £200 mark but I’ve put it here because I believe there is a sale imminent. This little device has changed my relationship with sleep and as a result, impacted my overall energy levels and mood. I adore this ring J

Not only does it track my REM and deep sleep, it also measures my heart rate variability (a GREAT measure of stress), my body temperature and tells how much to push it mentally and physically. You might be thinking, why does all of this matter? Well let’s just say I really notice a difference in all of the above stats when I have eaten late, drank alcohol, stared at my screen before bed, left the heating overnight by accident and so on. It all affects your sleep (and therefore everything else) and seeing the numbers is a great motivator to change behaviours. Wearable health tech has really made strides recently and Oura has done a fab job with this ring. Plus, you can turn off the Bluetooth (and it continues to measure) so there are no concerns about additional EMFs.

Yes it’s an expensive gift for you or a loved one, but isn’t your health worth it?

A little more…The ultimate in wellness!!

Red light therapy with LuminousRed. The little device comes with INCREDIBLE health benefits. I could probably write an entire blog on red light therapy but let’s just say it has improved my wellness a hundred fold. Pain, inflammation, Headaches, Energy, sore throat, youthful skin…the list for this goes on and it can be used by the whole family. Plus it’s owned and developed by a lovely couple Babsi and Thomas.

Use code blackfriday_meeta for an extra 10% off!

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