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EFT/Tapping: The secret to beating stress, anxiety & overwhelm at your fingertips

Updated: May 12, 2021

I was at a wedding recently and someone said to me, "What's your secret?". When I asked what he meant, he replied, "you're always so full of energy, health conscious and look like you're always on top of things".

Smiling. That was indeed, a HUGE compliment :)

I was wearing a new dress and in heels for the second time that year. Is that what he meant?

I looked down at my glass of Chardonnay and thought, I really don't have it all worked out, but I am grateful to have some AMAZING stress management tools in my health coach toolkit. And so began our conversation about tapping.

Just when my family and friends thought I couldn't get any weirder, I started rambling on about how tapping on my face has saved me during my darkest days and that tapping for even just a few minutes, can completely melt away stress and overwhelm.

Is it really that simple? In short, YES.

What is EFT Tapping?

Tapping is THE quickest, easiest and most powerful way to relieve stress in the body. Also referred to as EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping is a beautiful blend of modern psychology and energy medicine.

It is based on the idea that your body is made up of energy, flowing freely through your system. When the energy gets 'blocked' or 'stuck', the body manifests symptoms in the way of stress, either physically or emotionally – anxiety, pain, addictions, negative emotions...we've all been there.

The nerdy science bit

When your body is stressed or in 'fight or flight', the alarm system in your brain, the amygdala, gets activated. When this happens, the prefrontal cortex, your brain’s processing centre responsible for decision-making, deactivates. So you can’t think clearly and experience brain fog. Again, I know this feeling all too well.

So how do we get out of this state and move into feeling calm and clear headed?

Tapping, of course!

Acupuncture without the needles

By tapping on specific end points on your body, called ‘meridians’ (like electrical wires that run through your body), you bring your body’s energy system back into balance.

It works in exactly the same way as acupuncture, but without the needles – so there’s no pain!

While tapping on these points and addressing the 'core issue' or emotion you're feeling, you send signals to your body to calm the hell down, which in turn reduces your stress levels and allows you to think clearly. Awesome, huh?

The most amazing thing? You can do this in a matter of minutes and feel a drastic shift in your mind and body. Imagine that, infuriating anger to blissful calm in five minutes? No more pounding headache?

Show me the numbers

Sounds a bit weird, I know, but it's not all woo-woo! There's so much scientific evidence to show how effective EFT is.

Recent studies published by the Journal of Evidence Based EFT found that tapping for one hour can:

· Bring your anxiety down by 40%

· Increase your happiness by 31%

· Reduce your cortisol levels by 43%

Those are pretty impressive numbers, don't you think?

Healing trauma on a subconscious level

Sometimes there's more than what's on the surface. In fact, there's always more than what's on the surface. It's like peeling the layers of an onion. Don't underestimate the power of your subconscious mind.

For years, your mind has stored memories and experiences from your childhood that have shaped who you are and how you carry yourself in this world - positive and negative.

These negative behavior patterns and beliefs almost always stem from big or small traumas from our younger years.

With tapping, you can safely clear these negative emotions, limiting beliefs, pain and fears.

Tapping has helped me overcome so many barriers and emotions that I didn't even realize I was holding onto. Years ago, I worked with an EFT practitioner and was blown away by the results in just one session! What I cleared in one hour would have taken months, maybe even years of talk therapy - it was THAT effective.

"You can eat all the kale in the world, but if you don't manage your stress and heal from old wounds, you'll struggle to achieve the health and vitality you're longing for".

Tap with me

After that first session, I was hooked. I love the way EFT made me feel... empowered and in complete control of my body and mind. I even started tapping with my kids who were just as amazed at the results. Headaches disappeared, tummy aches (aka anxiety belly) melted away, friendship drama overcome, fear of spiders gone...and the list goes on.

I knew I had to add it to my toolbox to help my clients manage their stress and overwhelm so I went back to the books and qualified as a Level 2 EFT Practitioner!

I'm thrilled to be able to share this wonderful technique with you.

I will help you clear your negative emotions, bring positivity to your life and help YOU

be your best self...all with the power of your fingertips!

Get in touch with me now for a FREE consultation!

Stay Naturally Nourished


This article is dedicated to Beth, my EFT practitioner and guardian angel that changed my life forever.

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