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"Through Meeta's coaching, I am no longer at pre-diabetes levels. Her tailored help and guidance in nutrition and lifestyle has enabled me to create new habits and feel amazing in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend working with her!"

"Thank you! I really appreciate all your love, care, time, effort, listening and advice - and all that you share with me on my journey. It's like having a best friend, cheerleader and wise woman all in one!" 

"It’s incredibly important to bring someone like Meeta into your organisation to work and strengthen stress resilience. These issues are seldom talked about in a remote situation, like many find ourselves in. Meeta was able to help my team and in further 121 sessions they’ve since opened up a lot more with me, enabling me to help. A happy work force is a lot more productive, Meeta’s really helped with achieving this, in such compromised times.”

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"Working with Meeta through tapping, a gift she is so clearly blessed with, has been one of the greatest experiences I could have ever given myself and my healing journey. Whether you're brand new to tapping or you have a dedicated practice, Meeta is sure to guide, support and facilitate the most nourishing experience for you."

"Year 4 really enjoyed Meeta sharing the 'Mindful Minute' today. We practiced our mindfulness and tapping skills before finishing with some affirmations to help us with our homeschooling. We will be introducing the Mindful Minute at the end of every Zoom mentor session. A big thank you to Meeta!"

"My EFT tapping experience with Meeta has been nothing short of magic.  It was something I had no idea I needed in my life, but has been such a beautiful blessing and modality for me.  Meeta is generous with her time and support, an empathetic witness, and a knowledgeable guide in EFT. I would not have embraced EFT tapping so whole heartedly had it not been for Meeta’s guidance, wisdom and bright light that shines through in each session."

"Meeta approached me with the idea of heading up a Wellness Committee at our school. At the time, the need for more social and emotional wellbeing was becoming more apparent. 

As I look back on everything Meeta and her committee have done for our students, I am confident they are better able to approach this pandemic with ease because of what they have learned from Meeta's initiatives"

"My EFT tapping experience with Meeta was one of the most beautiful and healing experiences I've ever had. She is someone who just immediately puts you at ease with her gentle nature and loving energy. From the moment our sessions started, I felt so comfortable and supported - it's just in her nature to provide and hold such sacred space. I was able to release a lot of bound up energy, feelings and emotions in our sessions, a few of which I had no idea I was still carrying!"

"This is such powerful work, and Meeta is a wonderful guide.  Enormous shift during our session.  Highly recommend!"

"Meeta has an undoubted ability to connect with people, this is clear within a couple minutes of meeting her. Beyond that she has a true gift for holistic healing".

"Meeta is a wonderful practitioner. She is knowledgeable and guides and explains through each session, in a very relatable way. She is kind, empathetic, soothing, non judgmental and understanding.  I never once felt pressured, uncomfortable, exposed, or judged.  It is truly a safe vessel of love, support and healing." 

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