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Managing anxiety with Alpha-Stim

A few year's ago, I had no idea what the term electroceuticals meant - until I embarked on a quest to heal my brain...

This little device. The Alpha Stim has been instrumental in helping me on my brain healing journey. In a nutshell, you clip it to your earlobes and it transmits tiny currents that activate your Vagus nerve and send calming signals to your brain. It so effective and has been approved by the NHS as a treatment for anxiety. In fact, almost half of the participants in the NHS study said they no longer experienced anxiety. REMISSION from anxiety!!!! WHAAAT? It also appeared recently on the BBC show, The Truth about Mental Health.

This tiny device was introduced to me at a VIP #Brainsave retreat I went to with Dr Titus Chiu in California and has REALLY helped me. It literally turns off the stress response in my body like a fire extinguisher and is oh so wonderful for sleep too.

The Vagus nerve is key to mind/body healing IMHO and there are so many other effective ways to activate it – stay tuned for a blog on this soon!

I’m sharing this because I have a suite of tools and strategies that I use daily to take care of my mental health. There isn’t one silver bullet to help with stress, anxiety and burnout and different things work for different people but the Alpha Stim really helped move the needle for me.

Through my work I hope to #inform, #educate and #inspire you to make informed choices and advocate for your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, so I hope this post did just that and you learnt something new today.

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