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How I'm growing and learning in business

Updated: May 17, 2023

Earlier this year, I was asked to speak at the AFEC annual event, the UK's largest event for Asian Female Entrepreneurs. I was invited on a panel with fellow boss ladies to share my top tips for success in business, to an audience of 200 women. It took me some time to reflect on what's worked well to get to where I have in the last two years and given that the discussion was so well received, I decided to share it with my wider Naturally Nourished community...enjoy!

1. Firstly, I hate to say it, but there's no magic formula!

Customer first. OF COURSE. But that's too obvious. Success to me is a series of small wins. The path to success can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, but focusing on the wins along the way will almost always keep you motivated to keep going, even if it's in baby steps.

2. Get out of your funk and believe in your gifts. Anyone that knows me will know how much I talk about mindset and how our thoughts can really turn into our call yourself out!

Pay attention to the thoughts you're thinking. Use journaling or EFT Tapping (both SO powerful) to release negative thought patterns, stories and beliefs. When the 'negative narrative' gets loud, turn inward, breathe and meditate to listen your guiding voice that will allow you to connect to your truth and be kinder to yourself.

3. Know your numbers. Get your head around your finances, track everything, money coming in, expenses, training, networking coffees - OWN it all! Even if you don't have the bank balance that you desire. Ignoring financial clarity will only keep you stuck and stop you from attracting abundance.

4. Just Fu*kin do it! Take inspired and aligned action EVERY DAY to propel your business forward and get closer to your business goals. Procrastination keeps you safe and stagnant. Focus on your 'why' and your bigger vision if you fall off track. This will help you stay focused, stay disciplined and gain momentum.

5. Reach out to people you admire. As the old saying goes, "you don't ask, you don't get" and it's absolutely true! This one action has helped my business thrive! Whether it's a DM on their socials or an email to introduce yourself, they can only say no at the end of the day...but just think of the possibilities if they engaged in a conversation with you! Let go of the fear and go for it!

6. Find your tribe. Connection is everything. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs or like-minded individuals that are going to lift you and support you. If they make you feel good or inspire you, they will most certainly help you grow. Network with people in your industry, share ideas and challenges - you will be surprised at how kind and collaborative people can be - it's not always about competition and they are almost always gaining something from you too.

7. Stay in your lane. Don't compare and despair! This one is HARD AF because our brains are naturally wired to look for, and focus on the negative. So when you see someone that is more successful than you, celebrate them. Don't let their success take you on a downward spiral ruminating on all of the things that you're not doing. Just do you and know that your success is unfolding for you, just as it should.

8. Growth mindset. Again, setbacks are tough, especially if the stakes are high. But what if you thought about them as an opportunity to learn and grow? The most successful business people have all experienced setbacks and sometimes their greatest achievements have come from how they navigated and responded to these powerful life lessons.

9. Be grateful, every single day. Find something good about your business to be grateful for every day - no matter how big or small. Gratitude is a small act, but oh so mighty and when you operate from a state of gratitude, you shift your energetic state and emotional vibration - like attracts like so lose the 'desperate' energy.

10. Check-in regularly. On a monthly basis, check in with yourself and your business goals. What are you doing that you're loving? What's working and what can you do differently next month? Any light bulb moments to up-level? Do this objectively and you will be surprised with how the creativity and ideas just flow.

Lastly (and not surprisingly, the content of number 11 which is also my spiritual number), believe in the power of manifesting. If that's too 'woo-woo' for you, visualise achieving success and reaching your business goals. Bring your senses and emotions to it. How does success make you feel? Create a vision board of your dream life and keep it somewhere where you can see it every day. This simple exercise of telling your brain that you've already achieved success will speed up the process for your sub-conscious mind, allowing the synchronicity's and opportunities to flow easily and effortlessly.

I hope this has been helpful. Wherever you are in your business, I wish you growth, success and a lot of fun along the way - life is too short to not find the joy in the gifts you bring to this world.

Meeta x

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