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Wellness in Schools

Bringing mindfulness and emotional resilience to your classroom.

  • 1 h
  • Virtual/In-person

Service Description

As we navigate life through a pandemic, social and emotional wellbeing for children is more important now than ever before. Students today are faced with so many stressors; exams, school work, challenges at home, friendships and for older students, the impact of technology and screen time. It's vital that we equip the next generation with the skills they need to manage their emotions and help deal with stressful situations. Using mindfulness activities, breathing practices and incorporating EFT Tapping, I will give students practical skills to help them deal with the challenges of daily life. The group/classroom setting is particularly powerful as students learn and apply these tools together. Many teachers also use these mindfulness methods regularly during testing times or when they wish to bring calm to the classroom! I offer multiple or single sessions in a virtual or in-person setting, taking into account the size and requirements of each year group in your school. "As I look back on everything Meeta and her committee have done for our students, I am confident they are better able to approach this pandemic with ease because of what they have learned from Meeta's initiatives" - Principal, Ridge Wood Elementary

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